Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Thoughts

Hope everyone has a good Memorial Day. I know some people will be sad, upset due to a soldier away, or no longer with us. Therefore, lets all do something we should do every day. Let us comfort the soldier’s, and or their families to show the soldiers how much we appreciate all they do for us out of duty. Past or present, and make it count.

Let us all think of some ways we can make or soldiers, or their families feel appreciated, and leave the ideas here to help others to do the same in showing their appreciation. Or if just want to show that you care by leaving a note that is fine to just make sure you don’t just post it here, post it every where you can. The more soldiers that see that we care for, and need them the better.
NOTE: THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL DEBATE OR A BLOG TO STATE YOUR FEELINGS ON THE WAR OR ANY OTHER >This is a blog to show positive feelings toward our soldiers for Memorial Day. They do not need for us to be at war here. This is THEIR DAY to feel cared for, loved, and needed.
Thank you

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